Russia’s State Duma is bringing Russians with EU passports to observe the Crimea referendum


Russia’s State Duma (upper house of parliament) is inviting Russians from Europe to monitor the Crimean referendum on 16 March, journalist Olena Yakhno reports on her Facebook page, according to Espreso TV.

“I received the tip-off from a friend who lives in Finland now. This is how they are trying to make their referendum look legitimate: they are bringing Russians with EU passports to observe the referendum.

Dear friends! I found an invitation in my inbox yesterday. I was invited to Crimea to monitor the referendum!!! Here’s an excerpt from the invitation: ‘Igor, maybe some of your people would like to come? The thing is, Russia’s State Duma has asked us to invite our Russian compatriots from Europe to monitor the referendum in Crimea on 16 March 2014. Flights, accommodation and all other expenses are covered. Please do let us know by tomorrow morning whether some of your people or members of your organisation can take part in this noble mission. The number of participants is unlimited – we will suggest a list of people to be considered by the Duma, which then approves the final list. It is extremely desirable that the observers have EU citizenship. They are likely to spend two days in Crimea, 16 and 17 March. Tickets will all be bought in Moscow and then forwarded to recipients electronically.’

Friends, please note that they are inviting COMPATRIOTS! But the main thing is that they have European passports. This means that the Russians will portray them as European observers, but these “Europeans” will obviously form their conclusions and voice their views as compatriots, as Russians. Can they really be seen as independent observers? It’s an illegal referendum with false observers!” the journalist says.

Translated by Vitaly Shevchenko

Source: Еспресо ТВ


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