In Luhansk pro-Russian mob seizes broadcasting station


383847959According to journalists in Luhansk, a crowd of people knocked down the entry door of the IRTA broadcasting company, occupied all the offices, took out the fire extinguishers and are threatening to burn down the company building if employees do not turn over and destroy raw footage about the seizure of the Luhansk Oblast Administration building on Sunday.

Additionally the rioters are attempting to interrupt the TV broadcasting channel and force it to go off the air. Several journalists and the management of IRTA are trapped in the building.
“They seized (Volodymyr) Landyk’s IRTA station because he criticized the separatists,” journalist Tatyana Danylenko writes in her Facebook. “My colleague is there with her child. They’re threatening to kill both of them.”

Activist Azad Safarov confirms the information. “Right now pro-Russians attacked the private TV company in Luhansk, knocked down the door, are stealing personal belongings of the journalists. They are threatening to burn down the building,” he writes in his Facebook. “Meanwhile cops are quietly standing in the street without interfering.”

As reported on March 9, during a pro-Russian demonstration, protesters seized the building of the Luhansk Oblast Administration building and stormed the office of Governor Mykhaylo Bolotskykh, forcing him to write a letter of resignation, which was read to the protesters. Subsequently, Bolotskykh denied his resignation.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

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