Yanukovych’s youngest son says Dad is OK


The youngest son of Yanukovych wrote about his father’s state of health on social media.

Victor Yanukovych – the youngest son of former President of Ukraine – wrote  on  social media that his father felt well. He wrote on his Facebook page, answering a question from  the  user who inquired  about the health of the former president. This user wrote: “The Internet is full of information on the state of health of your father”. Yanukovych junior was brief: “He is ok”.

Earlier, the Russian media had reported that Yanukovych is in the hospital in a grave condition.

Source: http://tsn.ua/politika/molodshiy-sin-yanukovicha-v-socmerezhah-zapevniv-scho-z-batkom-vse-garazd-338657.html

Translated by Yulia Malko, edited by Janet Taylor