Assad supports Putin


Syrian President Bashar Assad on Thursday, March 6, expressed solidarity with the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with events in Ukraine, reports Gazeta.RU.

According to the news outlet, President Bashar Assad sent a telegram to Vladimir Putin where “he expresses solidarity with his efforts to restore security and stability in the comrade country Ukraine in light of the attempted coup against legitimacy and democracy in favor of radicals and terrorists. ”

Assad also said that Damascus supports the “rational and peaceful approach of the Russian president, who is committed to the global system that supports stability and the fight against terrorism.”

Translated by Anna Mostovych

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  • http://[email protected] Donna lennox

    We here in Canada are in prayer day and night for God’s protection and direction for the Ukraine. You are not alone…He and we are with you. With love

  • Mickele

    Putin rescued the people of the Crimea from fascists from the European Union and from the mean U.S. Government. Obama speaks that it is illegal? And lawfully was to bomb Kosovo, to kill Iraqis, to destroy Libya? Let idiots from the white house ask questions to themselves! ! !