Leader of Russian troops cites agreement with Ukraine’s “legitimate President”: “All military structures in Crimea are now reporting to me”


 Russian occupying troops in Crimea are led by  Lieutenant General Igor Turcheniuk, a deputy head of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation. This is taken from an audio recording of Turcheniuk’s meeting with the officers of Ukrainian Naval Forces at one of the military bases, a copy of which has been obtained by RBK Ukraine.

After introducing himself to the officers and describing his own military background, Turcheniuk indicated that he, himself, is of Ukrainian descent, and then called on the Ukrainian officers to surrender their weapons to the stockpile. “We will all defend it together. There will be no physical coercion,” the Lieutenant General said.

As to the reason for the presence of Russian troops in Crimea, Turcheniuk explained several times: “As agreed with the legally legitimate President, Putin has given an order, and all military structures in Crimea are now reporting to me under the command of the Prime Minister  of Crimea until May 25 [the date of presidential elections]. Putin is providing assistance to the Government of Crimea upon its request. There are 2.5 million people living in Crimea. 60% of them are Russian.”

Turcheniuk emphasized that the request for the naval officers to surrender their weapons had also come from “Admiral Berezovskiy” [who was apparently still in command of the naval forces at the time].

The Ukrainian Naval Forces officers have refused to surrender their weapons, noting that the command of the Ukrainian armed forces is based in Kyiv and that they have no intention of complying with orders of a general of a foreign army.

According to Ukrainian naval officers in Crimea, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Denys Berezovskiy had ordered his officers not to resist the Russian military and to hand over their weapons [while still officially in his position]. The Unit Commanders refused to follow his order, considering it to be criminal. They appealed to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Berezovskiy was dismissed.  Thus, according sources, Berezovskiy’s oath swearing allegiance to the people of Crimea came after he had already been ousted as a Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

Source: http://glavnoe.ua/news/n167714

Translated by Mariya Shtangrat, edited by Lesia Stangret

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    Crimea, long used by wealthy Tsarist Russians, and Communist Party “big wigs” as their personal ‘summer playground by the sea’, and home of their Black Sea Navy has never been Russian land. Ukraine never has and never will willingly concede an inch of Ukrainian territory to the expansion ism of any foreign power

    Sure they came and settled on land once owned by the local Ukrainian people, and built their holiday homes (in reality they stole, they took by force, they used Communist Party “privileges” to steal and usurp landowners).

    And poste USSR the now many unemployed KGB and other opportunist thugs, who profited through widespread corruption as the USSR imploded, continued to force and muscle their way into Crimea believing they were “gangster untouchables” creating their private nirvana.

    For the past 23 years these criminals have threatened, dispossessed and murdered their way into prime Crimean real estate. This same new age Russian mafia now claims international political acceptance. These nouveau rich oligarchs and their military trained brutish nobodies like Yanukovych, see Putin not only as their cohort and leader, but as their legitimiser.

    In Crimea, the large percentage of Russian speakers citizens – Russians who have no wish to add to the Ukrainian community, to identify with the Ukrainian population or assimilate into Ukrainian culture – they’re like rats on a ship and it’s time they went home. They believe to identify as Ukrainian is to be second-class! Let them leave Ukraine – go make their mischief in their own home-land and leave Ukraine to the Ukrainians.

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    Defend… from whom?

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    Leader of Russian troops cites agreement with Ukraine’s “legitimate President”: for Disneyland?