Families of activists who died while participating in mass protests will each receive one million hryvnias.



Today, February 28, 2014, Ukraine officially published law number 745-VII, “On establishment of state aid to participants of mass public protests who suffered during the protest actions, and to members of their families.” The law was published in the newspaper Holos Ukrainy.  

The law goes into effect on the date of its publication.

The law establishes procedures for the provision of aid, and defines types and amounts of financial assistance to people who suffered in mass protest actions that started in Ukraine on November 21, 2013, and to members of their families.

The following types and amounts of state aid are established for people who suffered and for their families:

1. Allowance in connection with the loss of family member who participated in mass public protests, provided that the death is directly related to the participation in mass public protests: 1 million hryvnias

2. Assistance in connection with serious bodily injuries sustained by participant in mass public protests: 700,000 hryvnias

3. Assistance in connection with moderate bodily injuries sustained by participant in mass public protests: 500,000 hryvnias

4. Assistance in connection with light bodily injuries, beatings, or torture sustained by participant in mass public protests: 200,000 hryvnias

5. Assistance in connection with loss of or damage to property of participant in mass public protests: restoration or replacement cost of the property


Recall that MPs endorsed this initiative on February 21, 2014, with 371 MPs voting in favor.


From www.rbc.ua


Translated by Resha Vasko,edited by Robin Rohrback

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