Putin appeals for use of Russian armed forces in the territory of Ukraine


завантаження (1)The Kremlin Press Service reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made an appeal to Federation Council on the potential use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine to stabilize the socio-political situation.

The appeal states as follows: “Due to the extraordinary situation in Ukraine, the threats to the lives of Russian citizens, our compatriots, the personnel of the Russian military contingent stationed in Ukrainian territory (in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) in accordance with international agreements, pursuant to [the fourth paragraph] of Part 1 of Article 102 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, I appeal to the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to allow for the use the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine until the social and political situation in the country stabilizes.”

Use of Russian Armed Forces abroad

The use of armed forces and other troops may be authorized in peacetime by a decision of the Russian President in accordance with the procedure established by federal law. The decision on possible use Russian armed forces outside the territory of the Russian Federation falls within the jurisdiction of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in accordance with Article 102 of the Russian Constitution. The Federation Council considers the question of use of armed forces outside the territory of Russian upon receipt of an appeal from the President of the Russian Federation setting out the rationale for the proposed use of force.

In accordance with the provisions of the Military Doctrine of Russia, the Russian Federation considers it lawful to use armed forces and other troops to repel aggression against Russia and/or its allies, to maintain or restore peace in accordance with a decision of the UN Security Council or other collective security structures, and to ensure the security of its citizens residing outside Russian in accordance with the universally recognized principles and norms of international law and treaties entered into by the Russian Federation.

Once the Federation Council receives an appeal from the President regarding potential use of armed forces outside Russia, it ordinarily considers the question during its next session. If, however, an urgent decision is required, the decision may be considered at an extraordinary session. Discussion takes place in a closed session unless decided otherwise.

Under the Regulations of the Federation Council, consideration of the question of using the Russian Federation’s armed forces outside of Russian begins with a report by the President or on behalf of the President by an authorised representative; the conclusion is then announced to the Defense and Security Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee the Federation Council. The decision on the possible use of Russian armed forces outside the territory of Russia is made by a majority vote of all members of the Federation Council and is issued by a resolution of the Federation Council, which is to be provided, within two days, to the President.

SOURCE http://ria.ru/politics/20140301/997687424.html

Translated by Mariya Shtangrat

Edited by Jana Kubalova and Lesia Stangret

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    Greetings . . . :Ukraine nation of the free people: . . . it will be wise of the Ukraine Parliament to officially ask Russia for: . . . :military assistance to Guard Crimea Region of Ukraine: . . . :military assistance to Guard more of Ukraine in case such request is asked by the working Government:
    Ukraine has always been a part of Europe, in fact it is . . . :The multicultural center of Europe: . . .
    Putin is well aware that possible German and Austrian snipers was behind the mass killings at Euromaidan, such killings supported by Yanukovych and Berkut was directly leading to forced agreements between . . . :Euromaidan – Opposition Leaders – Ukraine Parliament: . . result was:
    :To bring back the 2004 constitutions of Ukraine:
    :To give amnesty to all protesters who where accused for violence against the law:
    :To bring new governmental elections within a period of 8 month:
    Euromaidan continued with full power, when Berkut was gone, also the violence was gone
    :The result of the agreements was soon leading to an end of Viktor Yanukovych presidency:
    Putin is wisely prepared to act immediate to any change of the situation in Ukraine, if Putin would have been one day later with response to request from Crimea local government leaders for military assistance, it could easy have ended in ethnic civil war in Crimea -the heart of Europe
    :At the same moment Berkut police forces who arrived to Simferopol where warmly welcomed by local people, Russian armed vehicles on the way to Crimea turned and went back to Russia:
    Kremlin: . . . :Russian President Vladimir Putin has made an appeal to Federation Council on the potential use of armed forces belonging to Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine to stabilize the socio-political situation: . . . other spoken terms of language has been used such as :rebels in Kiev taking over the country: . . . by rebels means the ;illegal snipers: . . . Putin is careful with how he presents the situation since :NATO snipers: is a political wary hot subject . . .
    It will be wise to make cooperation agreements in how to regulate border protection between: . . Russia – Crimea part of Ukraine . . . Ukraine – Crimea part of Ukraine . . . at the same time it will be wise to open the opportunity for people who are in Ukraine to have dual or triple passports
    . . . :Ukraine – Russia – EU: . . . it will also be wise to introduce 3 official languages in Ukraine
    . . . :Ukraine – Russian – English . . . The importance of having Russian Army present in Ukraine is to prevent civil war between the different Nations of the Ukraine people, specially in Crimea, without regional presence of Russian Army it could lead to an endless and deadly sniper war . . .
    :by use of all possible means of peaceful communication we can stay way from Ukraine civil war:
    Remember: . . . NATO has during almost 8 years sprayed Ukraine air space with chemtrails to regulate the fertility and health of the Ukraine population . . . WHO using alive vaccinations with heavy metal and biological war fare, such as tick, to attack the immune system of our people !
    Remember: . . . The Baltic states came out of Soviet with huge natural resources intact and without private, public or business related dept, the countries are now EU members and suffering badly from systematically being robbed for all their resources and increased tensions
    :The free marked economy is :legalized civil war: brother against brother, company to company:
    Remember: . . . Ukraine has always been a part of Europa . . . Ukraine is in fact the multicultural center of Europa . . . Just like Afghanistan is the multicultural center of Asia with more than 26 written languages and over 34 local languages . . . we can remember well what happened in Afghanistan, they asked Russia for military assistance, then :USA – London – Bilderberger: used the situation as an invitation to provoke civil war by supporting :rebels – regions – Pakistan: . . . to go up against . . . :Afghanistan – Russia alliance: who had introduced socialism in Afghanistan to improve the life quality of the people . . . Historically we know that huge differences in social rank and material status has ruled in the Afghanistan regions for thousands of years . . .
    :Learn from Afghanistan and stay away from a :civil sniper war: in Ukraine – the heart of Europe:
    . . . seek peaceful negotiations in every family, every village, every region, every nation and all countries of our Globe . . . a challenge has to be solved on a different level from where it was created, that opportunity can start with our own way of living . . . give space for the energies of:
    . . . :Cooperation – Harmony – Freedom: . . . to become reality on our unique Earth and beyond !
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