Klyuyev agrees to testify, seeks EU protection


Kluyev states that he had nothing to do with the bloody events in Kyiv and is ready to cooperate fully with the investigation. He also seeks EU protection.

Andriy Kluyev, the former head of the presidential administration, has urged leaders of the European Union and the international community to guarantee the “objective, transparent and impartial investigation of events in Ukraine responsible for the loss of human life.” According to the statement released by Andriy Petrenko, Kluyev’s press secretary, the life of the former presidential administration head is being threatened. “I declare without any reservation that not only was I not involved in this tragedy, but I tried to prevent it in every way. I also proclaim my readiness to fully cooperate with competent authorities to establish the truth,” the statement concludes.

On February 25, Petrenko announced that Kluyev had submitted his resignation to Viktor Yanukovych and also that he had been injured, but with no threat to his life.

Previously, acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that on February 23, at 23.50, Yanukovych, accompanied by his security guards and Kluyev, had left a private residence in the Balaklava region in three vehicles. At the time, all means of communication with the group had been cut off.

Source: http://dt.ua/POLITICS/klyuyev-poprosiv-yes-zahistiti-yogo-vid-peresliduvan-138413_.html

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