Statement by Russia’s Committee of Solidarity with Maidan


The great Ukrainian anticriminal revolution is occurring before our very eyes.
The bloody felon-billionaire regime has fallen but has not fully surrendered yet.

We admire the resilience, dedication, and heroism of ordinary Ukrainians who have risen in a sacred struggle for the liberation of their homeland. We bow our heads in memory of the heroes of Maidan, who sacrificed their lives for freedom and the future of their country. The victory of the Ukrainian revolution is of great importance to Russia and all countries still ruled by thieving bosses installed by the communist nomenklatura, special forces, gangsters, and their appointees. In the wake of the collapse of the criminal power in Ukraine, [we will also see] an imminent liquidation of Russia’s criminal regime.

Given the inspiring example of our older Slavic sister, Ukraine, the time approaches for an inevitable Russian Maidan.

Glory to a free Ukraine!

Russia will be free!

M. Anshakov
A. Dolgikh
A. Illarionov
O. Kurnosova
O. Muminova
A. Piontkovskiy
L. Tsariya
P. Shelkov

Translated by Olha Ruda, edited by Lesia Stranget


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