Odesa Deputies Call to Preserve Country’s Territorial Integrity



Photo by newlogic.ua

The Odesa city and oblast council deputies held a meeting on the evening of February 22 where they discussed and approved a statement regarding the situation in Ukraine.

“We declare that preserving the territorial integrity of the country is our principled position. We have only one Ukraine, though different corners of the country may have their local features. We will not allow oblast or city councils to make any decision that can question the integrity of Ukraine or incite violence in our region,” they stated in the document.

The deputies demanded that law enforcement bodies find perpetrators of recently committed crimes.

Thirty-eight deputies have signed the document, which ends with the words: “Odesa Oblast is the largest Ukrainian region. Odesa is the jewel of Ukraine. And always will be.”

In addition, the Head of Oblast State Administration said that there were no deputies from Odesa at the Party of Regions South-East Congress in Kharkiv.

Translated by Serhiy Snihur

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn and Robin Rohrback



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