Ukrainian Diplomats Condemn Talk of Disintegration


ukr_diplomatsUkrainian diplomats have condemned all the statements about the possible split of the country made both within and outside of Ukraine, and have called for doing everything possible to stop the bloodshed. They released their statement on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Today, when the whole world is watching Ukraine, when our brothers and sisters are dying on the streets of Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian diplomats cannot stand by,” says the statement. “Under these circumstances, we consider giving fair and impartial information to the international community, as well as defending the interests of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and every Ukrainian citizen our most important mission.”

“We have always been guided by the most fundamental principles and goals: ensuring the independence, sovereignty, and territorial unity of our state by diplomatic means. Thus we cannot be silent about statements made both within and outside of Ukraine regarding the possible disintegration of our country. We strongly condemn such statements and we uphold Ukraine as a united sovereign European state!”
“We believe that this is the day for compromise. We urge all sides to do everything possible to stop the bloodshed in our country,” says the document. The diplomats have also called for signing the association deal with the EU.

In this time of conflict, let us remember that universal human and European values should be a unifying force for all Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, we believe that signing the Association Agreement with the EU, support for which sparked Euromaidan, could unify all of us,” the diplomats said.
This statement is not approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to Ukrayinska Pravda’s sources in the Ministry. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has been repeatedly presenting distorted information to foreign ambassadors during official meetings.

Ukrayinska Pravda

Translated by Oksana Poliakova

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn and Robin Rohrback

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