SSU accuses politicians of negotiating with foreigners on the separation of Ukraine

2014/02/21 - 19:14 • News

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) threatens to repress violation of territorial supremacy and inviolability of Ukraine. This was proclaimed today in SBU’s official statement. According to the department, some “politicians, representatives of local governments, leaders of NGOs, radical people” provoke an escalation of the conflict, as well as “spread autonomist and separatist sentiments among the population”.

This “may cause extinction of our country as a unitary state and the loss of its national sovereignty,” – the SSU is concerned. The special forces are supposedly aware of the negotiations on the separation of Ukraine. “Some deputies of different ranks have already started separate negotiations with the representatives of foreign countries. Consultations on the possible partition of the country, in contravention of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine, have been conducted publicly,” – the SSU states.

As such, the Security Service pledges to take strong measures to prevent “the violation of territorial supremacy and inviolability of Ukraine and to bring people involved in such activities to trial”.