Right sector: Yanukovych’s statement is simple hypocrisy. Automaidan: only immediate resignation acceptable


Right Sector’s response to statement by Victor Yanukovych

Having seen today’s statement by Yanukovych, we need to point out the obvious fact that the criminal regime still has not fully appreciated either the scale of its atrocities or the wrath of the nation.

The statement does not include any clear commitments on the resignation of this pseudo-president, the dissolution of the Ukrainian Parliament whose inaction led to the escalation of conflict, the punishment of those responsible for law enforcement agencies and those who carried out the criminal orders that resulted in the deaths of about hundred Ukrainian citizens (particularly the immediate arrest of Acting Minister of Interior Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the leaders of the Berkut riot police leaders, and the snipers, and the dismissal of Oleksandr Yakymenko [the head of the State Security Service], Victor Pshonka [the Prosecutor-General], and Pavlo Lebedev [the Minister of Defence], followed by an investigation into their activities), a prohibition on the activities of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine, and safety guarantees to all participants in revolutionary action.

Therefore, what we would tend to see in Yanukovych’s statement is simple hypocrisy. The national revolution continues. And it will [only] stop upon the full removal of the occupying regime and the attainment of a Ukrainian state with a comprehensive national system of governance.

Dmytro Yarosh, Head of the Right Sector. Source: FB


Automaidan demands premature presidential elections. 

Automaidan movement made a statement that it finds unacceptable any negotiations with the government and any concessions on their part other than dismissal of Viktor Yanukovych from the position of the President. “We do not find acceptable anything, but the dismissal of Yanukovych!”, informs the statement made by Automaidan activist Serhiy Hadzhynov.

Automaidan activists demand the following:

1. Immediate reset of the governemnt, including the dismissal of the criminal Yanukovych and premature presidential elections.


2. Suspension from the positions, punishment and lustration of all doers of criminal orders – law enforcement officials, public prosecutors, judges, traffic police inspectors – everybody!

3. Release of the convicted and dismissal of all proceedings against the Automaidan and other fellow activists. Budgetary aid to all injured and the families of those who died.

4. Execution of the EU Association Agreement as the gaurantee for the democracy within the country.

5. Liquidation of the unlawful organization Berkut.

Source – Pravda.com.ua

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