MaidanOnline 20.02.2014 #Maidan #Ukraine #Revolution


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  • atmyrenaissance

    What are your thoughts on the deal that was signed?

  • Crisp

    About that deal…

    bruce springnote ‏@BSpringnote 1h
    People at #euromaidan stage screaming at “leaders” asking “what did you sign, what have you done?” Good question. This is not over

    #Klitschko come back to #Euromaidan stage & apologized for being forced to communicate with #Yanukovych.He said that he pray for #Ukraine !

  • Latvian

    Latvian FM on Twitter: Berkut and thugs who gave the order to shoot on their own people must answer before the law. There will be an international investigation. End.
    Origian tweet in Latvian:
    Stay strond Ukraina!