Donetsk PR calls for government to “restore order” now.


sshot-1Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 16:40 Kyiv time

The Donetsk regional organization of the Party of Regions (PR) demands that the government use its capabilities “to restore order.” It is said in their statement released on Facebook.

In Donetsk, PR suggested that the truce was a cunning trick from the opposition, and it “was designed to hide an aggressive plan by the militants to seize power in the country.” The PR members claimed that the opposition has moved to “lynching their political opponents,” as evidenced by the seizure of the party’s office in Kyiv.

Donetsk finds the defeat of the PR office on Lipska Street a planned criminal act. “Its authors are to be punished to the maximum extent and to stand trial not of some amorphous “court of history” or “People’s Court” but the real court! Without hope for any amnesty,” the local party required.

In Donetsk, the Party of Regions believes that “the government has enough sufficient power and tools to restore order.”

“And it is obliged to use them. It must be done now if we do not want to lose our country forever,” the president’s fellow party members said.


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