Georgian athletes dedicate their medals to Ukrainians at Euromaidan


To all Ukrainian patriots,

The Georgian National Federation Martial Arts team has devoted its third place [medals] in the World Cup final tournament on December 2013 to all Ukrainians at Euromaidan.

“We are with you! We will win!

Our dear Ukrainians, do not give up! Today you are fighting for our freedom as well!

Do not let a beast break you! You are the last line of defense!

Glory to Ukraine!

Georgia is with you!”

Mamuka Mamulashvili, President of the Federation


Translated by Liuda Lompas

Edited by Lesia Stangret

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  • bg

    Amazing the camaraderie that is possible with people with hearts and vision, alas that is what it has taken many times over in our centuries in many countries–what is even more tragic is the inability to see this by ‘hungry powerists’ whether national, international, personal, local, statewide, etc…- they are always defeated. One cannot go against history. If this is acknowledged then they will set a precedent as none before and create a global society of unimaginable prosperity and richness of heart…. we are still in the dark ages…will light of truth and understanding be encompassed or love of dark be embraced?

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