Maidan-As-It-Is: the extreme right wing & EuroMaidan OR “Glory to Ukraine”…



  • Antigone

    I made the same experiences. People hear: “Nationalists” and are stopping to think.
    For me too it is not easy to learn that there are other “Nationalists” than the Nationalists in (for example: ) Germany.
    It helps a lot if one reads the interviews with Dmytro Yarosh. Okay me too, i´m against violence. But how to protect people against violence? With flowers? With posters on which is written “Love & Peace” ? No way. Freedom comes not for free.
    The problem is not if one agrees to violence or not – the problem is how to control violence.
    Berkut & Co has shown that they have no selfcontrol. And more bad: they are remote-controled.
    For Spilna Sprava and Praviy Sector its the other way round: they are selfcontroled – perhaps by a moral which is not 100% mine – but that doesnt matter. The important thing about these groups is: The others can live their lives without having fear.
    Someone who is ready to risk his life for I can live in freedom and peace – can`t be a bad guy. Its that simple.